Saturday, January 3, 2015

#TailGateNews- NLMS, 23yrs Along and Rolling Strong!!

Since 1992 the National Late Model Series has been a staple in the South Georgia Racing Community. They've consistently brought BIG Shows to Dirt Tracks all across the SE inspiring Fans Far and Wide into bringing their families to watch these Modern Day Gladiators running 3 and 4Wide!! On January 10th the series begins its 23rd year in continual operation and is slated to KICK-IT-OFF in Grande Fashion with a "Ray Miller Appreciation Race" at Waycross Motor Speedway!!

Josh Southerland is expected to bring his ride into the mix 1/10/15 

Talking with Series Director, Donnie Brown, you can sense the excitement when he speaks about the race and year ahead. "You could never ask for a better Founder/Promoter than Ray Miller. Over the years he's always managed to walk a line between tracks/advertisers and on straight merits fill pits/grand stands everywhere we've stopped off. This race at Beautiful Waycross Motor Speedway seemed an appropriate way to honour a living legend!"

The Special will be a non-points race. 50Laps/$3,000 to WIN/$200 to start.
Event rules are as follows:

1. NLMS Officials will be allowing 525 series motor and 362 motors into this event with weight adjustments
a. 525 series motor Must Weigh 2400lbs with 50lbs ahead of the mid-plate
b. 362s with cast iron heads Must Weigh 2450lbs
c. 362s with aluminum heads Must Weigh 2450lbs with 50lbs ahead of the mid-plate

2. Tires are Open to Manufacturer. American Racer or Hoosier are allowed
a. Punch rule of 45 will be the standard

3. Any Holley 750 will be allowed either single or double pump
a. No 850 base plate allowed

4. National Late Model Body Rules will apply
a. No 12" sideboards
b. No 12" spoilers. 8" spoilers only

Friday, Jan 9th Waycross will open their doors from 6-10pm hosting an Open Practice for every division. Race Day January 10th Pit Gates will be open at 10am, Hot Laps 1pm and Dirt Track Action by 2pm.

"Don't be too surprised to find out that we've upped the kitty by the time you get here. This just might turn into a $4,000 to WIN 69Lap event with funds spread throughout the field." Donnie said "I'm really waiting on confirmation from some independent sponsors. The 69Laps is in honour of Ray's 69th Birthday this past October. I have a feeling this'll be an Awesome Event and just the Spark needed to spur us onto an even better 2015 season."

National Late Model Series
Waycross Motor Speedway