Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#WkndInReview- Emory Stone Memorial Memorable for Morris

Memories are made of moments like this!! 

Although weather had shortened the 2nd Annual Emory Stone Memorial into a single day affair, Fan and Racer alike came to Oglethorpe Speedway Park on 3/21 in droves. They were on hand this Beautifully Scripted Day to Pay Tribute to the Stone Family and Memory of a Man who made OSP a HighWater HallMark of Dirt Racing in South Georgia! Graciousness of Emory was widely known throughout the South, driving car counts and calibre of cars through the roof. If you were lucky enough to make it out of a "C" or "B Main" into the "A Main" you accomplished something. Goes without saying the level of driver you were should you take Checkers in the "A Main". In Emory's eyes every weekly racer, no matter which division, at OSP was "His Boy". 
Memories like that stand the Test of Time. 

"Emory's Boys"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

#TailGateNews- Donnie Brown Sets a Careful Foundation for NLMS ReBirth

NLMS, a constant staple in South Georgia Racing Lore

When you have been instrumental in helping a man's vision be realized on how a series should Develop, Thrive and Become THE Household Name in South Georgia Racing. You've accomplished a feat far fewer before you have. Donnie Brown has done that and the passionate truths he holds in his heart about our sport will enable him to do so again!!! 

The vaunted National Late Model Series would show up at any given venue with 50-60+ LLMs in tow wanting to make Ray Miller's Show. BIG Names followed religiously where this series led. Names including "The Professor" Ivedent Lloyd Jr, "JAX Juggernaut" Jason Fitzgerald, "The Gambler" Russell Brown Jr, "Magicman" Mark Whitener, "FlatFoot'n" Casey Barrow and more. These Racers along with everyone in the elbow room only Grand Stands knew fully a third of these elite Wheelmen would make the A Main. They also knew every Man Jack of them would be treated exactly the same way. No Matter who you were. 

Series Director, Donnie Brown promotes some of the Best Side by Side Racing

Friday, March 13, 2015

#TailGateNews- FergyTime Delivers Security to South Georgia

Chris Ferguson Racing the Kentucky Colonel for point in 2015 edition of the Super Bowl at Golden Isles Speedway!
Photo credit to Rick Schwallie  

SLM Star, Chris Ferguson, KNOWS about Security... 
Be it a Five-Point Safety Harness, a Well Built Rollcage or your Family and Valuables... 

SGR is Pleased as Punch to Welcome ASG Security by Chris Ferguson  as an advertised sponsor!! This SLM Champion has an eye for detail and knows what True Quality is FirstHand. Speaking with Chris Ferguson you can sense the passion he has in bringing his clients First Rate Security Programs!

"I have been approached by many different companies to represent them. As a racer, I understand what Hard, Honest Work is and Getting Value for Monies Spent. When ASG Security first approached me, I was impressed by what they had to offer for my fans. I researched the company further and the Fact Is ASG Is a Top Notch Home/Small Business Security Company.

"In a NutShell, everything Ferguson MotorSports represents!

"We're ALL about Hard Work and using the RIGHT Tools to ensure a Winning End. Much the same as ASG Security" 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#KelleysCorner: It Deserves Some Respect

It Deserves Some Respect

As I stood by the stage for the first time at Florence Speedway on an off and on rainy Saturday and watched as each of the new members of the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame were introduced, I could not help but feel a real sense of pride. It was history in the making as these great legends received their respective honors.

In late 2010 I was appointed as a member of the NDLMHOF Governing Board. This was an honor that I was certainly quick to agree to and covet. The appointment would allow me to give my input on future nominees and the future of the Hall of Fame itself.  The class of 2011 was the first that I had voted on. I took the voting, as I am sure all of the other voting members do, very seriously. When I received the ballot I studied it quite a bit. I read online and researched those that I wasn’t very familiar with. I think I gave it its due attention and I sincerely believe I voted for the best candidates. All but one of the people I voted for were elected. I attribute that not to my own prowess but to that of the nomination descriptions on the ballot that Bob Markos and Bill Holder provided.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#TailGateNews- Kenny Wallace brings SlideWays Home for the Fans!!!

Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience

One of the Winningest Racers to have ever graced clay wants to bring that Winning Sensation home to his FANS!!! The Indomitable Kenny Wallace looks to put YOU in the Driver's seat with the Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing EXPERIENCE! Feel the Exhilarating Thrill of Sliding into the Captain's Chair and Cinching those Belts Tight. Sweeping Gauges as your Ride Rumbles to Life. Gripping the Wheel as your Heart Quickens and the High Powered V8 Tenses in Anticipation when you burp the throttle. Easing the clutch in while Gears Mesh in Harmony launching your Beast of the Clay forward. Swinging Wide onto the Oval as Eyes Record your every move but you don't see them... 
No Sir. 
You're focused on the Flagman and the Green cloth he's holding High in the air as you draw ever so near... 
And  then... 
Dropping the HAMMER!!