Sunday, March 15, 2015

#TailGateNews- Donnie Brown Sets a Careful Foundation for NLMS ReBirth

NLMS, a constant staple in South Georgia Racing Lore

When you have been instrumental in helping a man's vision be realized on how a series should Develop, Thrive and Become THE Household Name in South Georgia Racing. You've accomplished a feat far fewer before you have. Donnie Brown has done that and the passionate truths he holds in his heart about our sport will enable him to do so again!!! 

The vaunted National Late Model Series would show up at any given venue with 50-60+ LLMs in tow wanting to make Ray Miller's Show. BIG Names followed religiously where this series led. Names including "The Professor" Ivedent Lloyd Jr, "JAX Juggernaut" Jason Fitzgerald, "The Gambler" Russell Brown Jr, "Magicman" Mark Whitener, "FlatFoot'n" Casey Barrow and more. These Racers along with everyone in the elbow room only Grand Stands knew fully a third of these elite Wheelmen would make the A Main. They also knew every Man Jack of them would be treated exactly the same way. No Matter who you were. 

Series Director, Donnie Brown promotes some of the Best Side by Side Racing

Recent years had bore witness to Ray Miller's decline in health casting an uncertain shadow over the series as a whole and dates began disappearing from the series calendar. Not wanting to see his dream diminished further, Ray tagged the shoulder of his Right Hand Man, a man who has been by his side since the beginning, Donnie Brown. Strict Instructions were included with this commission: Carry on and make all that was Right, Right Again!!! 

Directing the NLMS onto New Heights, Mr Donnie Brown 

Wasting not a moment, Donnie went straight to work contacting teams, tracks and sponsors. Stating to every audience that the National Late Model Series hadn't lost anything and plans are in place to carry them back to once held industry prominence. Long Time sponsors K&N Filters, Hedman Hedders and More immediately signed on with tracks following suit. January 10th of this year the Ray Miller Appreciation Race was held at beautiful Waycross Motor Speedway. Teams and fans showed up in droves paying homage to this Dirt Track Visionary. The night's ensuing Feature Event saw an epic show highlighted with a battle between Ivedent Lloyd and RBJ for point.

Producing a Powerfully Profound statement that indeed the NLMS was well on its way to better days!! 

Next calendar event for the National Late Model Series is May 23rd at Volusia Speedway, Lawton Minechew Memorial "Chew Crete 50". Donnie Brown has released a preliminary schedule and can be found at