Friday, March 13, 2015

#TailGateNews- FergyTime Delivers Security to South Georgia

Chris Ferguson Racing the Kentucky Colonel for point in 2015 edition of the Super Bowl at Golden Isles Speedway!
Photo credit to Rick Schwallie  

SLM Star, Chris Ferguson, KNOWS about Security... 
Be it a Five-Point Safety Harness, a Well Built Rollcage or your Family and Valuables... 

SGR is Pleased as Punch to Welcome ASG Security by Chris Ferguson  as an advertised sponsor!! This SLM Champion has an eye for detail and knows what True Quality is FirstHand. Speaking with Chris Ferguson you can sense the passion he has in bringing his clients First Rate Security Programs!

"I have been approached by many different companies to represent them. As a racer, I understand what Hard, Honest Work is and Getting Value for Monies Spent. When ASG Security first approached me, I was impressed by what they had to offer for my fans. I researched the company further and the Fact Is ASG Is a Top Notch Home/Small Business Security Company.

"In a NutShell, everything Ferguson MotorSports represents!

"We're ALL about Hard Work and using the RIGHT Tools to ensure a Winning End. Much the same as ASG Security" 

"ASG Security is the 9th Largest private security company NationWide. They have the latest innovations in security, from wireless cameras to touch screen panels to 24hr Customer Care. For example, they carry an item called the "FireFighter". This device sits in the vicinity of your smoke detector, listens for it to go off and alerts you even if you're not home. Say you've taken the Family out of Town for Saturday Night Dirt Track Action. The SLM Feature is at 5 To Go, I've marched through the field and have the leader in my grasp. Suddenly your smartphone beeps in with a message from the "FireFighter" saying your smoke alarm is going off and asking if you would like word sent to the Fire Department. Amazing part is- This Stand Alone device works even if you're 2000mi away!!

"Honestly, I'm a Hands On Kinda Guy. Been on site with ASG Professionals, helped evaluate various client's security needs and even assisted installing systems. One of the Greatest things about ASG Security is we offer many levels of security to fit many needs and we back it all with a Written Security and Service Guarantee.

"This is something I can definitely associate my name with."

As a Courtesy with every new system installed, ASG Security by Chris Ferguson  has agreed to extend South Georgia Racing Fans 2 months FREE on any offered program!!!

"I consider Dirt Racing Fans everywhere, Family. I simply want my Family to be Safe."

When you contact Chris tell him you'd like the SGR Promotion for the discount!

ASG Security by Chris Ferguson 908-307-0172