Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#SpotLight- Into Stood Taller Than Most

"Anytime the #4 Showed Up, They were Ready to WIN!" 

Usually when I fire up the ole Underwood and roll a crisp sheet of paper into her, I've got an abundance of ideas I'd like to get across and know exactly How/What I'd like to say. My fingers will dance across the keyboard anxiously pulling words into motion in a symphony of light and delight all set to Excite the Mind's Eye.
This is not one of those nights.
My fingers are heavy and heart solemn as I remember one of the Best DLM Drivers to have ever Graced Georgia Clay. 

On April 20th the Good Lord called Mr David Into Home to Chase Checkered Dreams on Heaven's Clay Banks.

David Into's #4 Rests Easily on Oglethorpe Speedway Park's Hall of Fame 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#WkndInReview- PL Pulls in P1 at Swainsboro Raceway 4/11

It's Magical at Swainsboro Raceway! 

Anytime you're at a Dirt Track it's a Magical Time! From familiar fellowship to chili/cheese dog concessions to the solicitous smell of burnt racing fuel wafting the air. Walking through the infield you'll find crews pitching in getting done what needs to get done so their ride will be found basking in Victory Lane's sweet glow by night's end. Then after all is said and done teams helping each other pack equipment and exchanging information for a better show the following week.

This Saturday Evening was an Exceptionally Magical Event. 

Purvis Family Venue Support Great Side by Side Dirt Track Action at it's Finest!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

#TailGateNews- It's GAME ON for GOON!!!

Gittin It, Gittin It, GONE!! 

It's been a little over 10yrs since Ben 'GOON' Faircloth sat behind the wheel of his first DLM.
It was a Brand New Predator Hobby Chassis by Jimmy Sharpe. The team converted it into a 4 Bar LLM and went about to make their mark on S GA's DLM World.
Since then Team BFR has gathered a Plethora of Impressive Feature WINS (including the Much Coveted PineTree100), Handful of Championships and Devoted Fan Base that RIVAL Most SLM teams! 

Staff at SGR was privileged to spend some quality time with the team at their Race Shop in Swainsboro this past weekend getting the inside scoop on what they're all about. 

BFR is Certainly the House Built by SPEED!! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#WkndInReview- Tyler Tames a Tenacious Bunch at Swainsboro Raceway 4/4

Mimbs: Man on a Mission 

Tyler Mimbs rolled into Swainsboro Raceway with a solitary mission in mind: "Get to the front QUICK and NEVER Look Back!!!" Any casual observer could look around the infield at Swainsboro and see 11 other CLM Teams had arrived with the same exact Game Plan. However on this beautiful S GA spring night, no one was a match for the Mimbs Race Team. They unloaded the #11 Woods and Associates Fabrication/Auto Parts R Us/MasterSBilt SmackDown and went right to work. Timing in a Brilliant 15.244 they set FAST Time Honours and Quickly Claimed P1 starting spot for Week #3's Feature Event.