Galloping Gib Rockets into 2015!!

The story behind the MAN from Manning, SC is an interesting one to say the least. Galloping Gib Gibbons is grandson to Racer Edward Guy "Slick" Gibbons a Claredon County Athletic Hall of Famer and son to the Late Great Edward Guy "lil Ed" Gibbons Jr a National Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer. Ed's career spanned 25 years garnering him better than 400+ Wins. His richest came in Concord, NC where he took the J.W. Hunt 200 to the tune of $20,000!!

Edward Guy "Gib" Gibbons III had never thought of setting foot in a race car until the untimely passing of his father from an automobile accident in early 2009. But then hanging around a Race Shop where Legendary Wins were born from the coupling of Ray Cagle's Ingenious Race Car Engineering and Ed Gibbons driving ability has a profound effect on a man that is naturally competitive. Roughly midway through the 2010 season saw Galloping Gib climb behind the wheel of the #07 DLM and not look back.

The 2014 season found this team competing all across the SE and in various series such as FUEL 525, SECA, NeSmith and more. He claimed the Super7Series Championship at Screven Motor Speedway and bagged an assortment of wins on the year. Most cherished win for his young career came when he took the Checkers in the LLM portion of Ed Gibbons Memorial on April 6, 2014 at Fayetteville, NC. Grabbing up a Win in his own father's memorial is not a memory too soon forgot.

As the 2015 season solidifies and comes more into focus, it appears to be a Bright one for this Talented WheelMan! The team looks to compete in the full FUEL 525 series seeking a Title. Gib mentioned the CLM portion of their program will be more of a pick and choose type of year with part of it being given over to their NEW SLM program.

Keep your eyes peeled to those South Carolina Skies as Galloping Gib's Rocket looks to Rise And TouchDown at a Victory Lane near you!!

Pics courtesy Dirt Track Photo's by Richard Barnes

The Gambler Hold Pocket Aces for 2015!!

The Gambler, Russell Brown Jr

When traveling the roads in the S GA you'll run across the City built by SPEED, Valdosta... 
Nestled snugly in this city you'll find the headquarters for Russell Brown Race Cars... 
This is where our story begins... 

The Gambler has always been known as a Thinking Man's type of racer. Calculating what line his car needs, timing moves four or five laps in advance and sometimes, just sometimes, throwing it all out the window holding it Wide Open until the face of God comes into focus. It all began in 1987 when at the tender young age of 8yrs old Russell Brown Jr stood by his father's side and learned how to help the Sr Brown fabricate some of the finest chassis seen in Georgia. A Lifelong "Hands On" approach to the industry has helped RBJ mold skills and gain knowledge necessary to understanding the intimate inner workings of DLMs. This tradesman ability has kept him atop LM Power Rankings around these parts for many years. 

Growing up in his father's shop, Russell Brown Jr idolized "The Southern Gentleman" Freddy Smith. Over his long career Freddy Smith amassed 784 Wins, 5 Dirt Track World Championships, twice The Dream at Eldora (including the inaugural race in 1994) and was counted among the very 1st class inducted into the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame. A right fine standard of racer to pattern your career after. 

Russell Brown Jr had his 1st start in 2003 behind the wheel of a LM at Crisp County's Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, GA. It was a National Late Model Series event and brought out some of the finest men to hold a steering wheel. Not only did he qualify his RBRC into the event but kept the fenders clean and finished 14th from a Full Field. Russell's 1st official DLM Win came in 2004 at North Florida Speedway. His richest occurred in 2009 at Oglethorpe Speedway Park as The Gambler rode a rail though a Stout Field at the ShowDown in Savannah. Before the Checkers could fall on that event, Russell had lapped the entire field clean up to 5th place while collecting a $5K PayDay. To date, he's quickly brought his Career Total to 45 Victories. When questioned about his most memorable one the Valdosta native humbly replied, "Every Win is cherished. Anytime you can out-duel the competition, the track and various other elements to grab a piece of your own dream, that's something special right there." 

Looking at the 2015 calendar Russell is quite excited!! GA811 is back as a major sponsor on his team for a 3rd straight year, RBRC is set to debut a new LM chassis and the quality of shows coming to the S GA are 2nd to none! He plans on running the Super Bowl at Golden Isles Speedway early February then the Bama Bash at East Alabama later in the month. From there he plans on running more of a Billy Moyer Sr type of Pick-N-Choose schedule. Sprinkling in some Ultimate Super Late Model dates along with a possible return to the Hornet's Nest at Talledega. 

If the cards are down and laps about unwound- Always BET on The Gambler to Pull Out a Pair of Aces when it Counts Most!! 

The Southern Gentleman, Freddy Smith