Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#WkndInReview- Tyler Tames a Tenacious Bunch at Swainsboro Raceway 4/4

Mimbs: Man on a Mission 

Tyler Mimbs rolled into Swainsboro Raceway with a solitary mission in mind: "Get to the front QUICK and NEVER Look Back!!!" Any casual observer could look around the infield at Swainsboro and see 11 other CLM Teams had arrived with the same exact Game Plan. However on this beautiful S GA spring night, no one was a match for the Mimbs Race Team. They unloaded the #11 Woods and Associates Fabrication/Auto Parts R Us/MasterSBilt SmackDown and went right to work. Timing in a Brilliant 15.244 they set FAST Time Honours and Quickly Claimed P1 starting spot for Week #3's Feature Event. 

Fast Time of 15.244 couldn't be Topped 

Crowds of Fans stood at attention as the CLM Feature took to Purvis' Clay Arena and all eyes focused on the East Dublin native sitting in P1. He held their hopes and ambitions that tonight they would see him in Victory Lane's Glow. Tyler's shoulders are broad and he ably carried those dreams along with his own lofty aspirations. Green flag fell on the main event and Mimbs was off like a shot wheeling his MasterSBilt to near perfection chewing up Honest GA Clay. Although the night saw many a Caution Flag come to the rescue of making P2 a relevant position to be in, none could match the cornering speed of Tyler's ride. He held off Advances from Henderson's #2X along with the Hard Charging Brandon Carpenter #B4 machine.

Another Restart and Another Charge for point by Henderson 

Good Racing was found throughout the pack of this Stout CLM field. We witnessed a Tremendous march to the front by Joshua Bishop's #J1 and Side by Side, Lap after Lap Race for 5th between Michael Akeson's #M31 and Ahnna Parkhurst's #23 ride. Eventually the position going to Akeson. Meanwhile at the front of the field, Tyler Mimbs was doing his J-O-B by making that #11 very small until the Checkers Fell his way. 

Joshua Bishop takes position on John Henderson 

Victory Lane was awash with Family and Friend as Praises and Pats on the Back all came with Heartfelt Congratulations. Relishing his view, Tyler had but one thing to say "I really want to dedicate this night and this WIN to my uncle Tracy Mimbs. Growing up I learned many lessons from this man. Everything from set ups, to maintenance, to how to handle myself whether I was on or off the track. The Racing Community lost a Good Man as he went on to his Great Reward when he succumbed to pancreatic cancer last year" 

Great Battle Raged between Luke Scott and Stacey Loftin for point in Pure Stock Feature Event 

In other action at Swainsboro it was the #11 of Johnny Tucker over Michael McTier's #K2 in Super Street, Luke Scott's #09 bested Stacey Loftin's #21 in Pure Stock, Joey Schoen's #92 won the battle for point over Tim Wilkerson's #23 in Mini Stock, Seth Clark's #5 beat Kip Poole's #00 to the line in Road Warrior and Dustin Watkin's #7 out ran Rod Morris' #70 in the 440 Feature. 

Mini Stock Division kept Swainsboro faithful on their toes 

CLM Finish 4/4 Swainsboro 
1. Tyler Mimbs 
2. Brandon Carpenter 
3. Joshua Bishop 
4. John Henderson 
5. Michael Akeson 
6. Ahnna Parkhurst 
7. Henry Carter 
8. Shannon Graham 
9. Cole Godowns 
10. Lauren Ray 
11. Josh Quick 
12. Chet Chester 

Paul Purvis Congratulates Tyler Mimbs on a JOB Exceptionally Done