Thursday, April 9, 2015

#TailGateNews- It's GAME ON for GOON!!!

Gittin It, Gittin It, GONE!! 

It's been a little over 10yrs since Ben 'GOON' Faircloth sat behind the wheel of his first DLM.
It was a Brand New Predator Hobby Chassis by Jimmy Sharpe. The team converted it into a 4 Bar LLM and went about to make their mark on S GA's DLM World.
Since then Team BFR has gathered a Plethora of Impressive Feature WINS (including the Much Coveted PineTree100), Handful of Championships and Devoted Fan Base that RIVAL Most SLM teams! 

Staff at SGR was privileged to spend some quality time with the team at their Race Shop in Swainsboro this past weekend getting the inside scoop on what they're all about. 

BFR is Certainly the House Built by SPEED!! 

Throwing caution to the wind and disbelieving wild infield pit rumours of Sacrificial Alters, VooDoo Magical Trinkets and a sprinkling of Nefarious/Other Worldly Methods of Concerted Winning Ways; we traveled down the simple/honest dirt road, surrounded on either side by blueberry fields that lead to the House of SPEED (AKA BFR Race Shop).

Setting aside his task, we were instantly greeted warmly by Mr Richard, the team's engine man. He reminisced a bit about his own racing ambitions which started in 1967 with drag racing, his transition into dirt racing and the five years he spent as a Tech Man for 441 Speedway. When he touched on being an honoured member within Ben Faircloth Racing he broke out into All Smiles. "I'll tell ya honestly, in all the years I've spent in Racing this is easily the Most Fun I've had in the sport. Whether we're pulling maintenance on the cars, at the track racing or just hanging around chewing the fat; we enjoy ourselves even on the tough nights all teams face. That's the atmosphere around this place and the reason why we're able to overcome so much to stay focused on grabbing the Win." 

Celebrating after a Super7Series WIN at SMS!! Pic Courtesy of Dirt Track Photo's by Richard Barnes 

Mr Edmond Marsh, Ben's Crew Chief of 8yrs, echoed much the same sentiment. "Simply put, we just click. We set the same High Standards of getting the WIN IN. Stretching out and trying new venues or other things that push the outer envelope of our team's capabilities. Stopping and Analyzing what we did right and what we did wrong then going back and getting that particular WIN. It just breeds Good Aggressive Racing and Attracts people to our program. For example, after our 13 win season and grabbing the Great8 CLM Series Title, we are Blessed to welcome Trent Hall Racing and their 2014 Rocket on board this season. He brings with him new resources and ideas but holds the same hunger for that checkered flag. I'm looking forward to working with him and having someone else to bounce thoughts and notions on set-ups. In all we'll become a better Team for it." 

From left to right: Edmond Marsh and Trent Hall discuss plans on the '14 Rocket Ride 

Ben Faircloth entered the shop with a casual smile after attending to some duties on his farm. Without having ever met this man you could easily recognize him as either a halfback on a semipro football team or one of the fiercest DLM competitors around these parts. Luckily for the Greater S GA Region he's the latter. 

I asked Ben his thoughts on the sport: "1st thing you've got to remember is that it is a Hobby. If you're not approaching it with a smile and ready to have a good time then you're starting yourself out in a hole. There's other teams out on the track ready to beat you to the line;
Don't Help Them Beat Your Team.
I don't care if you're racing for $100, $1000 or $10,000 Always bring your Best! You owe it to the Fans in the stands and you owe it to your competitors. 

Remember: It's all about the Fellowship, Fun and catching one Heckuva Show." 

I asked Ben how he crafted his skills and advice he'd give to someone just starting out: "I've always studied Racers I respected. I'd sit for hours pouring over tapes. Rewinding them and advancing them frame by frame to see how they approached a particular corner in traffic and by themselves. The adage of 'Slower is Better and Faster' is 100% True. 
To be Truly/Consistently Competitive you've got to have a Top Notch Maintenance program and you've got to know you're equipment in this sport.
Check to see that what is supposed to move, moves freely.
Check that what isn't supposed to move, is stationary.
If nothing else, it's embarrassing as all get out to have something fall off the car while you're racing. Don't let it happen. 
Most of all learn patience and learn all you can from those that are beating you to the line. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Know your car and everything that's on it.

The Wins and Recognition will come with Time." 

I asked Ben his Favourite Race or Win: "Every Win is Important to me. I savour each one for it's uniqueness and the work involved to get it.
We chased the PineTree100 for a number of years until we got it.
I remember the 1st GM Crate motor we got back in 2011. You see, up to this point we had only run LLM motors. We dropped the Crate into the car and took it over to 441 Speedway for NeSmith's 'Salute to America' double race event. I qualified pole and led every lap both Friday and Saturday!! We were besides ourselves!
Then there was the year we put a Super Motor in the car and headed off to Charolette Motor Speedway. We never made it into the show but I was on the track racing with Scott Bloomquist, Kenny Schrader and all those stars.
We had a bunch of Fun on that trip!" 

I asked Ben where his nickname came from: "My daddy gave that to me a long time ago. No matter what I do I can't seem to shake it.
I always wanted to have a Georgia Bulldog car. I figured even if you were the slowest thing on the track the kids and fans would still love to see you. When it came time to reskin the GRT we did Georgia colours and instead of 'GOON' I put 'The GAME' on it. I thought it sounded so much cooler like: 'Oh lookee there, he brought his A GAME' or 'It looks like it's GAME ON tonight'.
Drawback was, I didn't think it all the way through and what would happen when I got beat back to the FlagStand and having to hear: 'Hmmm, Guess it's GAME OVER now'

'GOON' will be back on the new car" 

Picking Up a Pair of NeSmith Wins is a Nice Debut to CLM Racing!!!

We've bore witness to this phenomenal Team picking up right where 2014 left off. Starting off with a pair of Feature Wins at Screven Motor Speedway's Winter Freeze 5 to capturing the 2nd Feature event on Swainsboro Raceway's new season. Now with the addition of Trent Hall standing firmly behind BFR, I can already hear the infield moans and groans as they pull up to tracks and unload... 

Because 2015 looks to be one for the Record Books for Ben Faircloth Racing!!! 

Picking Up Right Where 2014 Left Off, GOON Looks to Wear Em Out in 2015! 

Ben Faircloth Racing 2015 Edition from left to right: Robert Mason, Edmond Marsh, Richard Sweat, Ben Faircloth and Trent Hall