Saturday, December 13, 2014

#TailGateNews- Scorpion's Sting gets a Refined Edge in 2015!!

The Thomas Family Name has been Heralded as the High Water HallMark of Dirt Track Racing since the late 1940s. They single handedly Revolutionized the LM Industry, shaping it into what we know today, when Mr Jimmy and son Billy Thomas designed/constructed the first Jig Built DLM in 1975. Early Consistent Success of the chassis brought hundreds of racers to the shop's doorstep wanting a "Jig-A-Lo" of their own. Hall of Fame Dirt Late Model Champions such as Buck Simmons, Ronnie Johnson, Billy Moyer, Charlie Hughes and so many more have piloted the Jig-A-Lo into Immortality's SpotLight! The chassis captured high profile events like World 100, National 100, U.S. Dirt Track World Championship and eventually became the MOST copied chassis in history. There wasn't any fooling a Real Racer, tho. They could always feel the difference between the Real Thing and a knock off by the seat of their pants.

Continuing in this Steeped Family Tradition Mr Ben and Jimmy Thomas changed the name Jig-A-Lo to Scorpion Race Cars in 2000 and have been producing their own fine line of Feature Winning chassis. The Scorpion quickly Claimed BIG Checks from events such as Turkey 100, BAMA Bash, National 100, BAMA State Championship, TST's Ice Bowl, NeSmith Series WINS and Countless Others.

Fact Of The Matter: In the Highly Competitive Industry of DLM Racing, you can't just rely on Victories past. You've got to constantly improve upon what is already FAST and make it FASTER Still!! These Engineers of Checkered Flag Finishes have done just that! The 2015 Scorpion Chassis, set to Roll out Feb 26-28th at the 18th Annual BAMA Bash, has had technological advances in both front and rear geometry getting you to that Podium Pose So Much Quicker! 

Give the Good Folks at Scorpion Race Cars a Call and set the DLM World AFIRE!!  

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